So like as not you’ll have heard of the rise of the smartwatch: Apple the iPhone mobile phone maker (once again) got the ball rolling with its basic-named Apple Watch, a watch worn on the wrist which can do more than just tell the time. It measures stuff like your heart rate, footsteps taken in a day, the time in New York or Papua New Guinea but does it phone home and make standard calls?

Wearing your phone on your wrist sounds to be improbable at first thought, but if Sir Richard Branson has anything to do with it, it might become a reality sooner than you may think. Technical expert, Mark Catchpole is hoping to convince Sir Richard that his idea of an environmentally friendly wrist watch and phone in one should be an idea that gets off the ground very soon.

Mr Catchpole is hoping to win the Virgin Media Business VOOM 2016 Competition – or at least, make it to the shortlist of candidates – with his innovative smartwatch which you can make calls from and receive into. Talk about Star Trek coming up trumps once more with another Gene Roddenberry idea that becomes a reality!

Mark, who lives in Ely in Cambridgeshire, has pitched a short video which has been submitted to the website hosting the competition and it will be down to the general public online which idea gets the nod. The overall winning ideas will receive prizes of cash and top-level expert business advice; advice you may consider to be of the highest quality going where Sir Richard Branson might be involved. It’s true that the Apple Watch has been updated and developed to look and act more like a phone, but Mark is looking at the bigger picture from an entirely different angle. His company,

It’s all too easy to make a wristwatch turn into a health monitoring device and an all-singing, all-dancing wearable but making it easy for the user to make a phone call, or shoot video, capture pictures and send text messages is a little more challenging. In a way, you’ll get to have greener business mobiles and environmentally friendly mobile phones for your business.

What Mark has created is a smartwatch that can quickly and easily be converted into a phone. It actually clicks into the shape of the smartphone. So, where the by-word of smartphone and smartwatch have both become synonymous with success – could we soon be hearing the term “wristphone” as well sometime soon? Watch this space.