What to do when your iPhone storage is full

what to do when your iphone storage is full

So your iPhone storage is full?  What is the best way to free up storage and what should you look to first to get rid of all that stuff?  When your smartphone runs out of power, we all know how to remedy the situation: plug in the charger, switch on, and hey presto, four hours later it is 100 percent fully charged once more.

We do this on a daily basis or every two or three days, depending on how much of a user you are with your beloved smartphone.  But when it runs out of storage, it seems there is no quick fix, at least not a simple one to remedy like when it runs short on battery power.

So if your mobile phone runs out of storage space you can help start by getting rid of all those images you don’t really want or need to save.  You know the ones – when you take a snap of a singer in a band and click about 15 times hoping to get the best shot.  Freeing up space by deleting useless images really does open up megabytes back to the available space left on your iPhone.

Then look through your iPhone and delete all those selfies you took where you were experimenting with trying to get that best angle.  Or, if you really insist on keeping them, start using your Google Photos account to file away all your photos.  The resolution and image qualities are fully maintained and the storage is unlimited in this cloud space.

Google Photos can even store your streaming music files too, so if you have a great deal of music on your iTunes library, think about storing it away here.  It is worth considering that when you access Google Photos you will need internet access.

iPhone storage is full – Go to “Settings > General >Storage

So remember this, if your iPhone storage is full, if you have iOS 8.0 or higher, all the videos, images and files you delete are actually not deleted right away.  They are actually filed in a folder called “Recently Deleted” where they will stay for 30 days before being permanently deleted.  Therefore, you should empty this folder as well when your storage space is at breaking point.