Vending machine turns plastic into mobile cases

Vending machine turns plastic into mobile cases

The very first coin-operated vending machines appeared in the UK in the 1880’s.  So its a major development in their development, to have a vending machine that turns plastic into mobile cases.  It’s one of those marvellous ideas that is so obvious when you hear about it, you wish you’d come up with your self.

There are some creative minds out there, trying to save the planet and make the world a better place for the future generations and developing some really inventive ideas.  It takes some real out of the box thinking to come up with something that is just that.  The central idea behind the students’ logic was clear: give some materialistic value to the cause so it will give the user an incentive.  The example here was clear – grab a plastic water bottle and recycle it so it will give you a mobile phone case.

It is an excellent way of getting young and older children to recycle waste.  The five students, along with their teacher, not only invented the vending machine which does not accept coins, it will only take your old plastic bottles.  In return, it will recycle the plastic and produce a mobile phone case capable of fitting all the best-known and popular devices.  Genius.

The process of 3D printing can take a long time, so it is clear that every plastic bottle inserted will not necessarily produce a mobile phone case right there and then on the spot.  More likely, it will produce a case after a certain amount of plastic has been inserted.  So, in a way, it is kind of like a lottery.  Each child does not know whether his or her plastic bottle will be the one to produce the phone case.

This practice will still encourage people to recycle plastic bottles as it has been proven with machines such a fruit and casino devices where not every dime inserted produces a winning return, but it is infectious and addictive anyway.

The worlds first vending machine dispensed Holy Water!

Moreover, getting a free phone case for the cost of just recycling a few plastic bottles seems to be a good deal.  If you walk into any shopping plaza and find the vendor selling mobile phone cases (usually right in the middle of the walkway), and the price is just as brilliant as the idea, you might be shocked to learn they will be selling them for just £5 ($8).  So will we see a vending machine that turns plastic into mobile cases on every street corner, who knows, but fingers crossed for them.