There’s talk that by 2014 500 million handsets sold, will be green mobile phones
… Here is one such effort now, by a Japanese mobile operator called NTT DoCoMo to go green with a mobile phone.

The body of the phone is made out of surplus Cypress wood. That is wood that comes from trees that are culled during thinning operations. Forest thinning, by the way, is a practice that is intended to keep forests healthy. The result?

Is pretty cool from the looks of it, the body isn’t treated with any artificial paints or colors and that’s a plus as well consequently the ‘Touch Wood’ has a natural finish and a natural aroma. It is said to be durable, water resistant and staves off insects and mildew thanks to its special three-dimensional compression moulding.

Although there is little information available on the specifications of this device at this point (especially the weight of the phone which should be interesting), one hopes that an environmentally friendly alternative such as this wouldn’t go down as just another lame showpiece. Source story care of the environmentteam.com