University of California turns CO2 into concrete

UCLA have turned CO2 into concrete

Climate change and CO2 is on everyone’s lips, everyone knows about its devastating consequences. But no one knows quite what to do with it, how to get rid of the excess of it, that is until now.  Well, that was until now the University of California has perhaps found the answer and turned CO2 into concrete!  How brilliant let is that?  A recent work study at UCLA may have found a solution as to how to eliminate greenhouse gases at their source.  They may just have found a way of capturing the carbon from the smokestack and using it to create a new material – something known as CO2NCRETE.

Let’s get something straight about concrete – it’s horrible.  It looks nasty and is responsible for five percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

But CO2 emissions are much worse when smokestacks based in power plants around the world they pump them out at a rate of knots.  It is the emissions from these power plants that are number one on the list of shame when it comes to harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

CO2NCRETE is expected to be made from 3D printing machines, making the entire process a highly dynamic recycling innovation. What the scientists have done here is to turn something that is considered to be a nuisance and environmentally unfriendly (carbon dioxide) and turn it into something that is of great use and value (CO2NCRETE).

Guidance and public policy have already been submitted for the research and some of the world’s greatest scientific engineers have been contributing to the project.  From professors in civil and environmental engineering to distinguished dons in biochemistry and chemistry, many of the planet’s greatest minds are here working on this solution.

Concrete is responsible for 5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions

The idea is to capture the carbon emissions from power plants (something that has already been done), store it (again, already achieved) and make it into a concrete substitute – (that’s the work in progress).  It is envisaged that CO2NCRETE will become a by-word for concrete’s replacement in the near future and one day, hopefully, we can forget about producing that brutalist nonsense we know as concrete, and consign it to the architectural bin.