The Samsung Galaxy Ace

Samsung galaxy Ace eco mobile phone

With more people than ever looking at how to green their lives and reduce their carbon footprint, if you’re really serious about wanting to contribute to a greener world, then what’s a good starting point? Your mobile phone and the Samsung Galaxy Ace is an excellent place to start.

Mobile phones seem CO2 free at first, but when you look into their carbon footprint.  It can be quite surprising, if you use your mobile as the national average do, some 22 times a day over a year, you could create over a tonne of CO2 a year.

You can look to start reducing some of your carbon emissions here.  Some people have one, some have more; for many, the mobile phone has become an indispensable part of their lives. So, if we could make it green, then all’s the better.  The latest mobiles are often made from environmentally friendly materials, are energy efficient and they can be fully recycled.

So what’s in the marketplace that could help you green up your life?  Well for one, Samsung has for 2012, come up with an Ace – the Galaxy Ace.

Sporting a 3.5 screen, under the hood it’s driven by an 800MHz processor, you can ramp it up from 158mb to 32GB using a micro slot card.  For taking pictures, there’s a useful 5-megapixel lens.  Made entirely from recycled materials, you can look to be making serious inroads on your part in reducing climate change by choosing this Android-powered a smartphone.  Powered with a heavy duty 1350mAh cell, the packaging of the phone itself are all made from reused and recycled materials and all this comes weighing in at 113 grams; nice.

But here’s a little tip, please don’t just leave it up to your phone to do all the work for you, switch off the charger when you’ve charged it up.  Leaving your mobile phone plugged into its charger throughout the year can cost you as much as 50 pounds and with one in 10 of us doing that, it’s a waste we could look to reduce.  So, be energy efficient with your mobile and switch it off.