And what’s more, anybody going to this year’s Glastonbury Rock and Pop Festival down on Worthy Farm in Somerset this summer will get to see it showcased for themselves. Renewable energy resources are nothing new at the Glastonbury Festival, back in 2008 organisers had asked its green-minded masses to come up with a novel idea to keep environmentally friendly mobile phones charged while campers and glampers boogied the day and night away on site.

Glastonbury, like just about every other festival in Britain, America, Europe or wherever, is full of young and old campers away for the weekend to enjoy the riches of socialising, music, dance, mayhem and love – and everything HAS to be caught on social media.

However, since the onset of the smartphone and the power-hungry mobiles we use since 2008, most festival goers were barely getting beyond the first 24 hours before the mobile phone had spoken its last and it’s out of power. So how can you bring back your mobile phone to life out in a green field?

The short answer would have been to pop round to some local farmer and asked him or her if he could just charge up your phone while you swan off and listen to The Cure, Coldplay or Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds but, that is, you and the other 200,000.

So, taking along something that can power up the mobile phone without an electricity plug socket would kind of be rather revolutionary and definitely much needed. It would also stop all those hippies and yuppies in wellies from knocking on the poor farmer’s door every five minutes.

You simply charge your mobile phone by using an airbed foot pump; yes, the very one you take along anyway to pump up the air bed that you will hope to sleep in later that night/ morning. The air you generate from pumping that foot is linked to a Recharge Pod.

The Recharge Pod is then used to take into the arena when you see the latest band and when your Smartphone starts to darken as its battery fades below the dreaded 15 percent mark, you place it in the Recharge Pod and let it build up more power, leaving you and your friends to take more photos and videos of your favourite band or artist.