The new ‘Touch Wood’ mobile phone

I have just seen the most amazing advert for a mobile phone ever, and all for a little known mobile phone called The new ‘Touch Wood’ mobile phone, by the Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo.  It is without doubt, of unquestionable beauty. It is so amazing I can assure you that I believe I am never ever likely to see an advert like this for any product. 

The effort, the grace, simplicity, the beauty, the music that carries it, and as slow as the advert is, as controlled and focussing as the imagery is.  The music is generated by a little wooden ball as it drops down the giant xylophone type keyboard which is in the middle of the forest, and all to the sound of Bach’s Cantata 147.

Even though the advert is 3 minutes long, it uses no tricks or computer generated imagery within the advert, the imagery is all real it is compelling enough that you don’t mind waiting for it until it reaches its end. And what an end.

Please watch it:

NTT DoCoMo has gone green with this beautiful mobile phone – The Touch Wood SH-08C.  The body of the phone is made out of surplus Cypress wood – Hinoki.  This kind of wood is usually reserved for the making of houses, furniture.  The wood comes from trees that are culled during forest thinning operations.  It is a practice that is intended to keep forests healthy.  With talk that by 2015, there could be as many as 500 million eco-friendly handsets, this handset will be right in the thick of it.

The mobile phone itself isn’t treated with any artificial paints or colors.  Because of the wood, it has a natural finish and aroma to it.  The designers have said that it be extremely durable, water resistant and it staves off insects and any form of mildew, due to its 3-dimensional compression moulding.

There’s not much information or specification about the phone as yet.  Only 15,000 units of this truly unique mobile phone will go into production, it will be ‘created’ in small batches as production for the phone is reportedly quite hard.  The design is very simple, there are only 3 buttons to the handset.  Talk, lock and hang up.  With one touch, a short cut menu pops up on the screen.

The advert won the Cannes Lions 2011 Film Lions Commercial Public Services Silver

As each phone is built from this locally sourced cypress timber, each handset will have its own unique pattern, so no two mobiles are going to be the same.  The insides will be the only thing that is the same.  The phone will have a 5-megapixel camera up front.  A 3.4-inch display (854 x 480) display, a MicroSDHC expansion slot, and your usual GSM and 3G wireless radios.

The new ‘Touch Wood’ mobile phone is only available from the NTT website and goes on sale from March.