The future of wearables – The Cicret Bracelet

Cicret wearables the future of smartwatches

Wearables, started off much like mobiles, just a few functions and they came in two colors. 

But now the future of wearables is here – The Cicret Bracelet is now beyond the prototype stage, with a working item was funded by monies online via YouTube videos.  The royalties received have allowed the business to register a patent protecting the idea and technology from other firms stealing its concept.  

The Cicret Bracelet claims to manage a motion sensor system to work fully on your arm and manipulated the picture from a special projector.  It then adds several more small features to make it all work and placed the bracelets on the market.

The world’s biggest manufacturers of audio and device equipment have been contacted and two specific American design companies are currently producing working samples of the bracelet.  There have been no dates revealed on production as yet but the Cicret Bracelet team is considering the options of the two firms who have both offered:

⦁ Timeline for production and release
⦁ Detailed costs
⦁ Presale launch date
⦁ Delivery time and eventual retail recommended price

There will soon be a time when you’ll be able to answer the phone as you jog around the park simply by tapping your arm, and opening up the call without having to get a mobile phone out of your handbag or pocket, press the call open button and hold the phone to your ear.

The Cicret Bracelet will work on the Android operating system and it will not matter which skin colour you have, all skin types will be good to go.  It will be water resistant with a removable battery.  Getting your hands (or arms) on the Cicret Bracelet may be achieved as early as December 2016.  The objective of the bracelet’s inventors is to raise $500,000 by the end of April 2016 by crowdfunding and donations.

Your arm becomes a mobile phone touchpad

The executive team even boasts two head-hunted executives from the Apple firm.  Joe O’Sullivan is the Business Development Manager and Patricia Grace will oversee Operations and the Supply Chain side of things.