The future of mobile phones today

Aeolus wind charging mobile phone

It wasn’t a few years ago that you couldn’t even text with a mobile phone and you could only store 10 numbers.  Now mobile phones are sitting on the edge of a design revolution.  This is one very exciting mobile phone design, it uses wind and solar power to power it, the designers are hoping this phone provides the blueprint for future mobile phones.

Cyrene Quiamco is a handset designer at the center of some very hot concepts her latest idea; the Aeolus handset, this green mobile phone gets its energy from wind and solar power, charging its onboard battery.

The phone allows the user to charge the device as you move along, the integrated power-generating fan captures the slightest breeze to generate electricity.  This green device will get quite a boost from being attached to a bike or car, as it speeds up and charges the phone.  The Aeolus phone is made out of renewable materials and it comes with a single color display, an energy efficient LCD.