Samsungs Unliquited eco-mobile phone

unliquitedphone Samsung mobile

This eco-friendly smartphone designed for Samsung is a bit like the chip in the Terminator, the one that caused all the radical thinking, took them in new ways of thinking.  Even its title its different, Unliquited eco-mobile? What does that mean? Well, that’s what is exactly going with this one, a completely new way of thinking.

So what’s different about designer Daniele Silvestri’s latest smartphone eco-mobile concept the Unliquited phone well it stores all its memory and data on the server?  What does that mean?  It means if you break your phone, lose your files, pictures, messages, don’t worry everything is stored on the server, now that’s a plus.  Its design means, that it cuts down on all the unnecessary weight PCB, memory chips etc that you carry around with a phone as all your info is stored elsewhere.  It’s a forerunner to cloud technology for mobile phones, all the communication between the phone and the server is wireless, so that means even less energy to power the phone.

And that’s another thing about this handset, the battery runs on methanol?  You simply recharge it by injecting a 10mL pack of methanol directly into the 40mL methanol fuel cell.  By combining methanol and oxygen, it converts it into electricity, so no plugging in.

Methanol is simply alcohol, it’s a light, volatile, colorless, flammable liquid with a distinctive odour.  Its often used as a fuel, solvent, or as an anti-freeze.  Its often used in stunt and racing cars as its a lot less flammable, than normal fuel.

Samsungs Unliquited eco-mobile is the future of cloud technology

O and one last one thing, when you’re done with it, the metal frame for the Samsungs Unliquited eco-mobile can be melted down and reused.  And that’s a good thing as we need to be recycling a lot more than we do now, so another win for Samsung.