Samsungs new green mobile The Clover


There are so many things about this phone that make it so right, sadly it’s only a concept green mobile phone at present but who’s to say that it won’t make it into the mainstream.

The Samsung Clover is designed by Jin Woo Han, Arim Kim and Faten B in conjunction with Samsung Corp Milano is an eco-minded mobile phone that is designed to grow with you as your needs desire.

It’s built around a set of four module interfaces (vision, location, sound, and sensor) – these are actual physical units that you can add to the phone, allowing you the ability to customize your mobile phone as your needs desire.  This is a good thing, as it allows you to keep up with the pace of technology and a good thing for the environment.

Mobile designs move at such a pace, that mobiles can often lack the onboard space to keep up, so in eco terms it means you get to hold on to the main part of the phone but can just keep upgrading the modules with the latest technology bits as your needs are.  A nice visual about the phone is that the back of the phone features an eco-sensitive PLCD display screen which fades from opaque to transparent according to the amount of power left in the battery.

And an extra eco-friendly stamp of approval is that the Samsung Clover is made out of recycled materials.  Finally, even the packaging is eco-designed in that its charging port is made up of solar panels…Cool.