Samsungs E1170 solar powered mobile for £5


What makes for an environmentally friendly business mobile phone, well there’s a lot of things to consider.  O2 didn’t include this baby in their eco-rating chart and OK it’s not touchscreen and maybe there’s not many bells and whistles on it but what a good back up mobile phone this would be? At present, it only comes in black and weighs in at 72gms.  And when it comes to carbon dioxide free business mobile phones, this is the one.

With this carbon-free baby, you can store up to 200 numbers on its 16MB onboard memory, it has some games, an organiser, you can SMS with it, a calendar, there’s even a speakerphone and stopwatch feature and it has a vibration mode when needed.

But the best bit for me… And this is what makes this mobile a truly eco-friendly business mobile phone, it has a Li-Ion standard battery of 1000 mAh which can help the Samsung E1170 support a talk time of 10 h 30 min and has a whopping great 830 hours standby time. That means you could charge it once a month, now is that a low carbon footprint or what…Its what green business communication is all about.