Recycle my mobile phone

recycle mobiles and avoid using landfill

We love our mobiles, they are an essential item for our business and personal lives and typically we look to change them at the end of the contract.

The environmental concern is that there are now 80 million mobile phones here in the UK alone.  Present day mobiles are stuffed with precious metals from all around the globe.  With such a short life-span and fast product cycles, our planet is facing very real environmental consequences.

Estimates suggest that as we buy new mobiles, we have left around 70 million or more handsets sitting in drawers and cupboards – and that’s just in the UK.  For every 1 million mobile phones recycled we could recover the following precious metals:

  • 35,273 pounds of copper
  • 772 pounds of silver
  • 75 pounds of gold
  • 33 pounds of palladium


1. Extend the contract of your mobile phone.  The latest mobile phones are beautifully made and can last longer than two years with care

2. If it needs a repair, we have just the company to do that for you

3. Trade in your current mobile, when you come to renew

Talk to us about putting your mobile phone back into the resource pool, it’s a good thing all round.

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