Saving you money on your mobile phone account is one thing, but saving the planet, now that takes a little more.

CO2 free business mobiles don't just happen on its own, rainforests have a central role to play in the slowing of climate change.  Trees are a carbon store and as they grow, they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere through photosynthesis.  Trees store carbon in the form of wood.  Sadly, the practice of deforestation accounts for 18% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

So, we needed a project that delivered on the triple benefits of carbon reduction, as well as providing a much-needed livelihood for the families local to the project and ecosystem protection.  The CommuniTree project in Nicaragua is one such project.  Provided by Clevel Ltd here in the UK, the project encourages smallholder families, working to cooperative principles, establish mixed species forest plantations on under-utilized parts of their own land.

The reason for trees is that they are much more resilient to droughts and flooding than traditional agricultural crops, which could easily fail given the risk of extreme weather events caused by climate change.  With the new trees planted and carefully harvested within their growth cycle, it means the trees are able to absorb the maximum amount of carbon possible.

CO2 free business mobiles Brighton Communitree project

In a region where most people live off just $2 per day, the social impact of the CommuniTree project has been significant.  In 2016, following years of devastating droughts in the region, the project forested over 400 hectares of land with over 600,000 native trees planted.  With 550,000 tonnes of CO2 already achieved, the project aims to be sequestering 200,000 tonnes per annum, almost doubling the current rate.

Families working on the project have earned a 25% increase in their annual income, thus providing an ongoing livelihood in one of the poorest parts of the world.  CommuniTree creates long term incentives and provides extensive training so that farmers can live a life, more from reforesting their land than deforesting it.

Your investment in this project, through your mobile tariffs and creating CO2 free business mobiles, help make this happen.