Phone Insurance

keep your phone safe with insurance

So, you’ve bought a brand new mobile phone or device, you’re going to give it a good home, take care of it, use it safely. But what happens if something interrupts that story; damage, theft, broken, water damage?

Mobile phone and equipment insurance can help you get back on the road if you lose, damage, crack, or if it develops a fault when the manufacturer’s warranty expires or won’t cover it. Take the strain out of loss or damage, get your business back up and running quickly. Insure.


It’s not always about profit, our insurance is ethically supportive of projects around the globe that look to combat climate change. We support our partners in their efforts to combat diminishing forests and animals under threat through climate change. Many of the iconic and charismatic animals that we all love are under threat. Insuring your mobile and other devices makes sense and a part of your premium goes towards to the care of our planet.

Call us to discuss what you need to insure. Our mobile insurance doesn’t cost the Earth.

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