Pedal your bike and charge up your mobile

Bicycles have been with us for quite a while.  The first one appears in history books around June 1817.  A local aristocrat in southwest Germany, Baron Karl von Drais was seen in public, sitting on a wooden frame with two wheels and upholstered armrest.  So the idea of getting more from a bike has been around since day 1.

Two hundred years later and we all have a bicycle, in all manner of colors, comfort levels and speeds.  And now bikes have really gone one notch further.

The world of electric bikes is wonderful, there is everything out there to suit everyone’s budget, from the Rolls Royce’s of bikes to a list of attachments, that as like their name you can attach to your bike and suddenly you can use the power from your bike to charge up a mountain of devices, from an iPhone to a laptop. 

There are millions of Wheels that you can buy aftermarket, and install yourself, Hub Dynamo, USB chargers.  And as gadgets that’s a really useful thing to have on a bike.  When many of us cycle on average 4 miles from home to work or to the shops.  Cycling a bike is the way to do it and getting that little bit of extra juice from your bike to your phone makes sense to me.

It was a Scottish blacksmith that added the pedals to a bicycle in 1839 

Some allow you to hide a battery in the steering head, as a sort of cache battery type affair.  Which allows you to capture the power and feed your device as you need.  Often, they will have a headset top cap which you can plug your device into, so it’s not too far away from your mobile if you have it rested on the handlebars for directions.

Smartphone charging has come a long way.  And there’s no longer the need to panic that you’ll be out of power at the end of your journey.