Paris has a great idea to cut pollution

Paris gets rid of old polluting cars

So what’s the great idea?  The city of Paris has an idea to cut pollution.  It’s certainly radical, and don’t think that buying a motorcycle, moped or scooter will get you out of the legislation either – two-wheeled vehicles with a motor are banned too, only motorbikes manufactured after 2000 will now be permitted to drive in Paris during the working week (Monday to Fridays).

And anyone who defies the ban and rolls into Paris with a vehicle built before 1997, or a motorbike sold and manufactured in the 20th century, can expect a fine of 35 euros.  Repeat offenders will get hit with a whopping 450 euros fine.

The new rules are tough on drivers with older vehicles but cars made before 1997 were generally not fitted with things like catalytic converters or an option to use unleaded fuel.

You can still drive your old banger around Paris before 08.00 a.m. in the morning and again after 8.00 p.m., and throughout the weekend, but road users with old cars or bikes must be off Parisian roads once the clock strikes 8 a.m. during the working week.

However, if you think the rules are tough, then be prepared for them to even tougher still in just four years from now.  The year 2020 will demand that the only vehicles allowed on roads in and around Paris are those built in or after 2010.

Whilst we always seem to make sure we are using the latest greener mobile phones and even considering environmentally friendly business mobile phones, we don’t consider getting the latest car or motorcycle.  Now you may have to change that way of thinking if you are ever considering working in and around Paris – particularly after 2020.

Moreover, it is likely to get the full support of the general public.  During one Sunday in May 2016, pedestrians took over the Champs-Elysees as part of a plan to ban traffic from this busy stretch once a month.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo – keeping old cars out of the city will help lower pollution levels

The idea, with the innovation and promotion from the mayor, was the best possible day to test the waters on it and the early warm Paris in the springtime temperature rattled up to a glorious 80F (27c).  The perfect day to walk down this all-too-often traffic-clogged main street.