Not only is the North Pole melting it’s moving

The north pole is melting and moving

Something is up with the North Pole not only is it melting, it always is but it’s certainly moving.  In 2002 the Larsen Ice Shelf – a 200 km long and wide glacier – simply disappeared.  As it melted, along with many other smaller glaciers, the world’s mass changed.  Now the Northern Pole is heading towards the east at this present time.  And three guesses where the blame lies?  Climate change studies have been taking place for decades but the quest to find the exact position of the geographic North and South Pole has been an ongoing task by scientists since 1899.

The poles have often moved, but only by a matter of a few centimetres here and there every year.  In more recent times the north and south poles are moving at a rate of about 10 centimetres every year.  The direction of movement is towards the Prime Meridian (that’s the line where the Greenwich Mean Time line of longitude is placed).  The thing is, when the ice starts to melt in one part of the planet (like the Larsson Shelf) then other parts of the globe keep the ice, it will make the Earth mass redistributed out of control.

The Magnetic North pole has been drifting around for centuries.  The importance of the magnetic North Pole, whilst it might look like it just sits there and does nothing.  The Earths magnetic field is what shields the planet from the deadly and highly destructive solar radiation that hits our planet, every day.  With the fields to protect us, solar winds would strip the planet of its oceans and atmosphere in moments.  We have this protection because the Earth’s core is made up from molton iron-nickel , boiling at 6000 degrees centigrade, some 2000 miles away from the planet’s surface.  It’s this blend of elements that helps protect our planet

Magnetic north is not the same as Geographic north

Think of something like a swimming pool with its winter cover on, on one end a large sheet of ice has formed but at the other end, it has melted and turned to water.  This action will unbalance the swimming pool tarp completely.  The planet will act is a similar way.  Indeed, the planet can actually shift on its axis if the distribution of ice and water is too pronounced.

Thankfully there’s not too much to worry about, thanks to the World Magnetic Model  (WMM) they track they are tasked with tracking the position of the Earths magnetic poles.