Nokia 8 is 100% recyclable

Nokia 100% recyclable mobile in the world

The Nokia N8 is 100% recyclable, but it’s not just this phone that stands out.  Nokia has been at the forefront of mobile phone design and they have been putting in some outstanding work, in making their mobile phones the worlds most eco-friendly smartphones in the marketplace.  They have been keen to reduce waste, any kind of energy loss.  They have been proud to make their mobile equipment super-efficient.

For a few years, Nokia was at the top of the non-profit environmental group Greenpeace rankings for its eco-friendly policies.  I would say they have ‘greenness’ deeply embedded in the way they think about designing devices.  They have been one of the first companies in the mobile arena to bring this to the fore, and long may it last. 

Lots of Nokia’s mobile phones that we have written about have all had some aspect of the use of renewable materials in their design.  Often, it’s been with the packaging, or the use of recycled materials, bio paints, super-efficient chargers, bioplastics.  Nokia is keen on reducing the use of polyvinyl chlorides, (PVC’s) they have stopped using brominated flame retardants, (BFR’s.

They have been keen to reduce their environmental impact on the world.  There is no end of life cycle assessment documents as to their products so you can see how much waste is involved from cradle to the grave of their mobile phones.  One model that does hold up the environmental crown for me is the N8, a particular favourite of mine.

With the N8, the green environmental experience started off straight from the bat, as you unwrapped it from its box, which I have to say was 100 % recyclable and recoverable.  The box it came in was not the size of a shoe box, with a little dinky phone in the middle.  It had other lovely bits about it, why lots of phones don’t have this function, I don’t know.  But it reminded you to unplug it when it was fully charged. 

Connect an HDMI cable to a Nokia N8 to watch your films or real movies on an HDTV

It was an incredibly energy efficient mobile phone, it had a power save mode and it came with the fast charger AC-15, which is always a bonus when you only have moments to charge and need a boost.  To add to its green credentials it used bioplastic which was made of fermented corn sugar and is totally free of PVC, BFR, and RFR. In 2012, Nokia was recognized as the “Greenest manufacturer” in the Newsweek’s Green Ranking telecoms sector.


Good luck Nokia with the N8