Nokia kinetic powered mobile phone

Nokia Kenetic mobile phone

Green mobile phones can be things of great beauty and Nokia kinetic powered mobile phone does us proud, it truly is beautiful.  This wonder was put together by creative designer Jeremy Innes-Hopkins whilst he was at while a student at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design.  It was a concept mobile phone for the Finnish manufacturer.  This really is the Bang & Olufson of mobile phones, The design brief, was to “design a playful phone for 2012”, and even though it’s a design concept, it just goes to show where mobile phone designers are taking the design of phones. 

Nokia has given its name to some wondrous designs in its past, and this just continues that legacy.  And here’s how it works, when you receive a call, the phone gradually rises up to the prone position. And if you don’t want to take the call – just tap the phone and it will lower itself down.

And how does it do this, well it’s a classic touchscreen candy bar design but it uses kinetic energy to charge itself.  It has an electromagnet built in the base of it so that when it’s laid on the table when a call or text comes in this activates the magnet; making the phone rise this movement also charges the battery!  And if you want to reject the call, you simply just tap the mobile on its face and it will gently float down to the prone position and away goes your call. 

The Nokia kinetic powered mobile phone was created by Jeremy Innes-Hopkins whilst a student at Central Saint Martins

Now that really is cool, mobiles just usually sit there and make a noise, but this goes one step further and gives you a visual clue as to its intention.  I am sure they have some other way of the phone alerting you to a call if the handset were in your shirt pocket?

It’s not just a design exercise, it comes with a camera with a zoom lens as well as miniUSB-port, for added memory.