Nokia describes the E7 as ‘a beautiful, innovative design with everything you need to stay in sync.’ Everything about this handset is friendly to the environment. Great features such as a power save mode, a reminder for unplugging the charger, a sensor for ambient light, and a highly efficient AC-10 charger.

Plus other little touches that help you to be environmentally aware, to help you save on fuel consumption it has quick access to maps so you can get their time/fuel efficiency and for those of us who like to walk it has maps if you’re traveling by foot.

Build wise; its nickel free, antimony trioxide-free, chlorinated compound-free, brominated compound-free, and PVC-free. Which is great because Nokia has made this green mobile phone 100% recyclable, we always say hurrah when we hear that?

The E7 is a 4-inch touch screen mobile, full QWERTY keyboard and weighs in a 176g. It has handwriting recognition software, tasty. A compass, 8 mp camera, and HD video and all with an internal memory of 16GB.

None of your usual half a ton of packaging comes with this little gem, what it does come in – is made up from all renewable materials and are 100% recyclable. And the user manual remembers them – how they used to be a1000 pages in 10 different languages, none of that now. This one comes as a quick guide that is just a few pages long. You can find the complete manual online and it’s interactive so it won’t leave you stranded for information.

All the usual full social media integration, so you’ll never be far away from friends and when you do get hold of them to talk to. The battery has a talk time life of a staggering 540 hours and a standby time of 470 hours. So you’ll be saving the environment just by not charging it so often.