No more mobile charges roaming in the EU

No more roaming charges in the EU

Mobile phone out of bundle charges.  Can there be anything worse, when you make a call from your mobile and you hear that international ringtone?  OMG, your thinking, where is this person?  How much is this going to cost?  Please god, I hope they’re not in North Korea or on board a cruise ship – some of the most expensive places in the world to call.

Or when you’ve taken your mobile phone abroad and thought ‘I’ll just make a quick call home’ or I’ll just use my data and I’ll only be a minute’ abroad.  Maybe, if you had added a ‘bolt on’ onto your mobile package you wouldn’t be faced with a bill a month after your holiday thereby adding a substantial cost to your holiday memories.

Mobile phone out of bundle EU charges – well no more.

As of 15th June 2017, mobile charges roaming in the EU will cease.  Consumers will pay the same price for their calls and mobile data as they do within the UK, wherever you are within the EU.

For over a decade now, the European Commission, the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament have been working to reduce the cost of calls abroad, that access to internet content should be accessed without discrimination in what’s called the ‘Roam Like Home’ Legislation.

The old days of a billion pounds a minute are now gone.  What this means that any call time, texts or data allowance that are included in your package here in the UK, can be used within the EU at no extra charge.  And that applies if you receive a call as well from the UK to your EU destination.  (There are some caveats within the deal e.g., fair use, so please check with your network T&C’s).

And before you start thinking, maybe I could find a cheaper deal in the EU and use it here in the UK.  The EU has its own fair use rules and typically you would need to be resident to even get a phone contract, let alone get the best deals.

What about Brexit, will it affect roaming charges?

Its free mobile phone roaming across Europe for the next two years, at least.  What happens when the UK leaves the EU no one can really say for sure, enjoy it whilst you can.