Nikola Labs wireless mobile phone charging

In an age of digital revolution, Humans are now even more dependent on their smartphones.  That little box has grown in recent years and has become an integral part of everyday life.  For many, it has become the main source of information and entertainment.  A learning tool, an educator, a medical life-saving device a window to a world of shops.  The mobile phone is truly unique, so keeping it alive after we have drained its power, maybe the Nikola Labs wireless mobile phone charging device may just be the way forward.

Like any other thing in the world smartphones require power but the continuous use means continuous battery consumption so as a result of charging a phone has become the real issue among smartphones users.

You can use your smartphones as you please but once the battery is all dried up all you have to do is surrender your phone to the charger or if you’re lucky enough to have charging point nearby then still you have held the charging cable along with the phone.  However technological giants have noticed this problem and to the delight of the consumers, they have achieved great success that will make charging your phone a thing of the past.

Companies like have made some groundbreaking innovations which are perfectly safe and that will make charging phone battery without a charger a real deal.  Energous has developed a device called WattUp which works as a Wi-Fi router but instead of giving internet signals it releases energy in the mode of radio frequency signals which can be received by any WattUp enabled device.  If you’re worried about charging rate then Energous claims that this charger will charge at a rate of 1 % per minute, which should be more than enough.

Nikola Labs creating a world that is totally wireless

While Nikola labs have come up with a technology which converts radio frequency signals like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi into direct current using trademark energy harvesting circuit which enables mobile devices to charge wirelessly.  So if you’re facing charging problems then this is the solution for you, if you have these devices then you may never have to charge your phone again as you can sit and enjoy the company of your phone and it will charge itself.