An Olympic medal really is made from gold, but the medals for the 2020 Olympic Games will be made from recycled mobile phones.  Efforts to make these games environmentally sustainable is one of the key aims of the organisers, say thoseRead more
The question that everyone is always asking which are the 5 most earth-friendly cities in the world?  Hundreds of cities around the globe are all driving forward initiatives to make their city space environment greener than the next.  Cities areRead more
Imagine a sort of powered up muscle bound supercharged battery capsule for your smartphone?  Better still make it so that's it a biodegradable cardboard battery for mobiles.  Just pop it in and you’re off - what was once dead -Read more
Yes, you read that right, someone has invented a foot pump to charge your mobile phone with.  And if you've ever been to a festival you'll know why. I have been to a Glastonbury Festival, 2006 to be precise and itRead more
Pavements are pavements, right? They have been around since the mid-1800s.  In fact, the very first pavement was in Paris.  Cobbled, asphalt, bamboo, pavements have taken on many forms, but a solar-powered pavement to charge your mobile! And just when you thoughtRead more
In living memory, many inhabitants in this cold northerly country can remember when the snow and ice covered the land all the way to the coast.  One trillion tonnes of ice melting is just the latest ecological bad news forRead more
Climate change is perhaps the worse thing facing our civilisation, but there again is it.  Yes, its climatic effects are taking a grip on the fringes of our world.  But when you look at some of the fabulous ideas andRead more
Over the last 50 years, climate change has claimed many, animals, insects, marine life and many more are facing its reality.  But now a river has succumbed to its glacial march.   At just over 12,000 feet above sea level, theRead more
That’s the trouble with mobile phones, they have liberated us from the desk and allowed us to wander around the hillsides, country lanes and down the high street, talking or texting to whoever we wish.  That is, until the dreadedRead more
Charge your mobile phone in just 3 minutes, no way, 3 hours maybe and even longer if your battery is old.  Why do mobile phones run out of power at the most important times, I’ve hardly used it? Picture theRead more
Some ideas are just so mad, that they are brilliant at the same time.  And what a super idea this idea is, to capture the power in the road for all to charge and use.  And there are just endlessRead more
Sadly it's true, CO2 levels today are higher today than at any point in the last 800 years.  And with such increasing levels of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) in the Earth’s atmosphere, it's making the planet greener – but don’t get out theRead more
However, it is the massive boost in sales of the one-cup, single-use pods which are taxing the environment. Fighting this waste has meant all government offices in the German city of Hamburg saying “Nein” to coffee pods. That’s right, workRead more
We've all been caught out by our mobile phone when the battery goes flat.  More often than not its near home or the office, so we can charge it up and back on our mobiles.  But what happens if youRead more
So what do electric bikes and mobile phones have in common? Power...One generates it, the other needs it... Yep, wonderfully, someone got to that one single word and created something wonderful.  In fact, they actually went and built, innovation, creativity,Read more
  Sometimes, we can forget it’s not just us that will feel the full force of climate change in the future.  Some of our closest genetic code cousins on the Planet Earth, Gorillas, Orangutans, Lemurs, Apes, Monkeys and any otherRead more
Imagine, everyone's mobile phone in Germany and Portugal went CO2 free or a day!  Actually, the truth is the figure hit 90 percent for a brief moment in time one Sunday morning in May 2016 – but that said, itRead more
Greener smartphones is not about their color, it's about their environmental friendliness.  Humans have been creating and inventing since their beginning on this planet.  Fire, electricity, cars, nuclear power, space travel and more to come.  Yet, in achieving all theseRead more
Its a daily question for some people, how to make your mobile phone battery last longer?  Sitting on a tube or bus going to work and already the power indicator is showing a 17% percent drop and you're not evenRead more
Scientists are always trying to find new ways to power our mobile phones.  Solar, tidal, foot power and many other ideas, in fact, imagine a mobile phone that runs on air.  Our wearables, smartphones, and tablets all run the mostRead more
Last summer, I planted some 32 trees in my garden, but that is nothing in comparison to what the citizens of Uttar Pradesh India’s most populous state did.  In early July 2016, state officials distributed millions of saplings to variousRead more
Mobile phones have become such an intrinsic part of our lives, that we do use them daily.  An Ofcom report has suggested we spend up to 2 hours a day on them.  In some cases, it could be longer.  AndRead more
It's that old story again about mobile phone screens, which is better  - LCD Vs OLED? Well, it depends.  How do you like your pictures on your screen?  Do you really want the most detail, the brightest image, so much soRead more
Business mobile phone providers in the UK maybe be interested to learn, that using acid and bacteria could make recycling your smartphone greener and more environmentally friendly.  Professors at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute of Massachusetts have come up with someRead more
Normally when I go to the Gym, as I get ready to bench press 180 lbs, I would plug my mobile into the wall socket and that's how I think most people do it with their mobile phones charged upRead more
Nobody out there ever has an iPhone with enough storage available to keep all those family photos, files, videos and other saved documents on it.  We are always on the lookout for more storage for your smartphone.  For those whoRead more
Surely two degrees can't make that difference, your thinking, you'd just take off or put on a jumper?  Well for you, yes you could do that. But its no simple for plants or insects to respond in that way.  ARead more
Something is up with the North Pole not only is it melting, it always is but it's certainly moving.  In 2002 the Larsen Ice Shelf – a 200 km long and wide glacier – simply disappeared.  As it melted, alongRead more
The problem with single-use plastics is just that.  They often get thrown away, as their title suggests, they are just for single use.  Once they are spent, we don't give them mind where they end up.  But that's no longerRead more
So what's the great idea?  The city of Paris has an idea to cut pollution.  It's certainly radical, and don’t think that buying a motorcycle, moped or scooter will get you out of the legislation either – two-wheeled vehicles withRead more
The future is bright when it comes to Wi-Fi because a solution is at hand - Passive Wi-Fi is for eco-mobile phones may well be the answer to cutting your power drain.  Connecting a device, like your smartphone, tablet or PC, toRead more
Remember how your school teacher used to do those exploding methane experiments in the classroom?  Sadly, Methane is a greenhouse gas and because of human activity, we have dangerously increased the amount of methane into our atmosphere.  Hence the scientificRead more
Most of the plastic dumped in the ocean eventually breaks down into tiny microscopic pieces of plastic which to marine life appears looks like Phytoplankton.  Plankton is a source of seafood eaten by many forms of marine life and no, theyRead more
Imagine if you never had to charge your mobile phone again?  Have you ever noticed in Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek where Enterprise away teams go down onto bitterly cold or seemingly hot planets and never seem to take a coatRead more
The land of the midnight sun, Sweden is hoping to become the first country in the world to end its energy-sapping, earth-destroying dependence on fossil fuels, and reduce CO2 to 0% by 2050.  It will start off with Stockholm – aRead more
Wearables, started off much like mobiles, just a few functions and they came in two colors.  But now the future of wearables is here - The Cicret Bracelet is now beyond the prototype stage, with a working item was fundedRead more
New research recently published, has confirmed that the larger ice shelf of East Antarctica, the Totten Glacier is melting faster than we thought.  It is the Totten Glacier which holds most of the ice in the continent.  The very thought thatRead more
Thames Water, the site's owners have proudly confirmed that the reservoir will be the largest floating solar farm in the world for the time being.  No doubt there will be solar farmers around the world that will look at andRead more
The world is a wonderful place, yet we have only scraped the surface as to the other sources of energy on the planet.  In more recent years we have invested in wind and solar, but they can undependable and areRead more
When the Second World War ended, the price of a barrel of oil plummeted as peacetime began to take hold across the globe. Henry Ford wanted to use agricultural parts in his cars (he even built a soybean car inRead more
Climate change and CO2 is on everyone's lips, everyone knows about its devastating consequences. But no one knows quite what to do with it, how to get rid of the excess of it, that is until now.  Well, that wasRead more
The very first coin-operated vending machines appeared in the UK in the 1880's.  So its a major development in their development, to have a vending machine that turns plastic into mobile cases.  It's one of those marvellous ideas that is soRead more
No, this is not a science fiction story, it's now science fact - it is possible to make water bottles made out of Algae.  We are so used to plastic bottles helping us to transport our favourite drinks, that perhapsRead more
The State University of Ohio has a lot to be proud of, it's come up with a few good ideas in its long history.  And the idea of wave motion to power your mobile phone with is just another dayRead more
So your iPhone storage is full?  What is the best way to free up storage and what should you look to first to get rid of all that stuff?  When your smartphone runs out of power, we all know howRead more
The Indian Ocean has always been a place where larger sea mammals, enjoy feasting on phytoplankton.  With levels of this marine life depleting, quite what is happening to all the Phytoplankton is cause for concern.  But in the western region ofRead more
I did the naked London cycle ride once, and it was great, I shared the road with a 1000 other naked cyclists.  Somehow that pales into comparison when the City of Hull went naked for climate change.  They walked, someRead more
So like it or not , for those that love the mobile phone, you will have heard of the rise of the smartwatch: Apple the iPhone mobile phone maker (once again) got the ball rolling with the Apple Watch, aRead more