This is green-thinking on a grand scale! When would ever see as many as 46,000 solar panels in one airport producing some 48,000 units of energy every single day?   Well, you would if you travel to the 100% solar poweredRead more
The first modern bikini was unveiled in 1946, they were first heard of in 4th-century Roman times.  They are excellent for catching a tan but I doubt ever before that a bikini used to clean up the ocean. This technologyRead more
Not quite the palm trees in this picture, but almost.  Smart Palms are 6-foot high artificial palm tree that you can charge your mobile phone or device.  The Smart Palm Company have designed these hotspots in the form of Palm trees toRead more
Ocean Acidification, or Acid Oceans as its more commonly termed,  is the name given to the chemical changes in the ocean as a result of climate change and carbon dioxide emissions.  Research done at Edinburgh University was a study of rocks from theRead more
One of the saddest things to contemplate about the planet's future is that the Amazon rain forest carbon uptake is in decline.  The results of this monumental 30-year survey of the South American rainforest, which involved an international team ofRead more
Mobile phone communication is full of acronyms, and what I thought you needed here is an easy guide to the power of 5G.  Something lighter, with just a few numbers, dots and dashes.  4G LTE-A is slated to provide aRead more
The Asus The Zenfone Max just keeps going and going, and just when you think it's run out, its 5000 mAh battery always finds a little bit more.  We are all too familiar with taking our smartphones out with usRead more
It seems like a scene from a science fiction film, the image of 400 US cities being wiped out by climate change.  It seems even easier to disbelieve it and think of remote picture postcard tropical islands like the SolomanRead more
The big question is: how to charge a mobile phone, not only cheaper but also to reduce your amount of CO2 impact because of it?  Well, one would hope that eco-friendly mobile phones will be the norm within five years,Read more
It's not possible, you can't charge your mobile in 60 seconds, you say!  If you can remember what mobiles were like in the 80's mobile batteries took 24 hours to charge.  And just look at how quickly batteries charge today. Read more
Unlike other bear species, Polar bears are exclusively carnivores.  Their main prey is the ringed and bearded seals.  This is because they need the fat to survive the harsh climate.  Polar bears spend more than 50% of their time huntingRead more
This is the first time that a national government has been taken to court with regard to climate change — as well as this is the first time that a group of citizens in Europe have made an attempt toRead more
Researchers from the U.K are doing their bit by developing an eco-friendly circuit boards for mobile phones and other electronic devices.  The SYMETA headed by Prof Yiannis Vardaxoglou at Loughborough University and funded by a $3.9m from EPSRC plans toRead more
That's what they are saying fossil fuels gone by 2099.  The G7 countries Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, and the US have jointly agreed to cut greenhouse gases by phasing out the use of fossil fuels by the end ofRead more
Around 2500 people will be employed with the Hornsea project, just off the coast of Yorkshire.  Not only will it be a great opportunity for talented professionals who are qualified to work on wind farms.  The electricity that will beRead more
It would seem an awesome task, the world is so big, and there's so much water!  But how can we clean up the world's oceans, effectively?  About 71 % of the planet's surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold aroundRead more
The E-type jag had 4 exhausts pipes, the Ferrari 365 Boxer had 6!  So imagine your mobile phone with an exhaust pipe?  The major problem that most smartphone users face nowadays is the frustrating long time it takes to charge upRead more
If there is one thing that can be said about Japan and its people, they will always look at things differently, create things differently, and are prepared to take a chance on the impossible.  Japan has a long history ofRead more
EU officials have been working to phase out roaming charges for quite some time.  The EU had proposed nearly two years ago to have a single telecoms market so that the cost of making a call, sending a text messageRead more
Known as North Atlantic Right whales, because the ancient whalers considered them to be the ‘right’ whales to catch.  Their productivity in terms of oil gathered from their corpses, which tended to float, made them the ‘right’ whale for hunting.Read more
Oppo is a relative newcomer to the smartphone market, but in a few short years, the company really has created some truly striking features with its flagship design.   Its a bezel-less Smartphone, and it looks like it might give theRead more
There are fewer than 2,000 Giant Pandas still alive in the world and there is a real risk, that the Giant Pandas could become extinct in the near future.  Pandas in Zoo's maybe all we have left!  In spite ofRead more
Telephone boxes are so London, so red, so everywhere in London.  And then with the rise of the mobile phone, the telephone box saw its coming demise.  Two graduates however of the London School of Economics (LSE) saw another way. Read more
Batteries in mobiles started out as huge great clumsy things, but with each year their design has been getting smaller and smaller, as well as much more efficient.  Samsung, always at the head of inspired design has just unveiled toRead more
Sony high-end smart phone’s, are always a nice surprise and are always worth waiting for.  And here they are planning to launch the Xperia Z4. which is going to be a tough competitor in the market to other smart phone’sRead more
The population of Orangutans has drastically decreased over the last 20 years due to the loss of their forest homes.  Habitat loss is one of the main reasons why Orangutans are facing extinction.  The rainforests that housed the Orangutans areRead more
If you have the sunshine, then make use of it, and the new Apple store in Singapore does, and it is 100% solar powered.  Can you imagine, not an ounce of power from coal, oil, or nuclear.  It doesn't seemRead more
A plastic bottle may be from Ireland, a plastic bag from France, perhaps a plastic toy from Singapore, where ever it comes from, it's all ending up in one place and its name it the 'Plastic Ocean'.  Or better stillRead more
I thought there were more, but there are not as many Tigers left as you might think.  As few as 3,200 wild tigers are left in the world, due to poaching and people cutting down trees.  Though several conservative measuresRead more
The Ugandan Giraffe or Rothschild’s Giraffe lives on the Great Rift Valley in the eastern central region of Africa is spotted right away for its distinctive white legs.  All of its legs are white and not marked in any otherRead more
If there is one thing that everyone loves about the oceans is Turtles, they are up there with Dolphins, Polar bears, Penguins. But, the lovable Turtle is having a hard time living, so what's killing our Sea Turtles?  Sea turtlesRead more
Almost every day a new mobile phone is launched into the market.  Sometimes, new phones meet our expectations and at times, they can be a big-time disappointment.  So it's with a quiet pride that we can share with you whyRead more
The vision for a wind farm in the wilds of Scotland is to set up a 140-turbine farm on the Buccleuch Estates in the beautiful Lowther Hills, South Lanarkshire.  The area of the restoration site in Glockenspiel and the project inRead more