And that includes the common British birds like the Kingfisher, once abundant along the riverbanks, and the Hadrian’s Wall puffins.  The findings point out that bird populations have dropped by around 421 million across Europe since 1980. The list also includesRead more
Lots of companies have started down the path of housing their staff under earth-friendly building designs in an effort to reduce their carbon impact on the planet.  All over the planet, healthy, greener environments powered by renewable sources of energyRead more
Over the past 800,000 years right up until the early 20th century, CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere have never exceeded 300 ppm.  But on a fateful day in September 2016, atmospheric CO2 reached 400PPM. Just before the beginning of theRead more
7 mph was the first speed ever recorded for a car, that’s a little faster than walking, now they do 180mph on a regular basis.  Back in the day, mobile phones were much the same, in those black and whiteRead more
California is known for its beautiful beaches and its glorious sunshine, well it may well sometime soon, become the land of droughts.  We must consider this drought in the context of climate change.  We know the climate is changing becauseRead more
Here is an extract by Frank J Dinan, is how CO2 threatens our Oceans.  Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th century, mankind has pumped well over 500 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,Read more
There is just nothing like our national dish, everyone enjoys it.  But sadly, cod and chips could be a thing of the past. There is species of zooplankton that is one of the preferred foods of larval cod simply thatRead more
When mobile phones first came out, they were in the candy bar shape, with a battery that you could take out yourself and replace easily, thank you, and these batteries would last for hours. Smartphones were a little bigger, thereRead more
Since the middle of the 20th century and the early part of this millennium technology has been advancing at such a rate that it has lead to a digital revolution. Things are changing so fast that no matter how muchRead more
China News Service has reported that the continuous hot dry weather has led to a lingering drought in the county, which has left about 7,000 people and 420,000 livestock lacking adequate drinking water.  Some 743,000 hectares of grassland have beenRead more
Scientists believe that even if we stop emitting greenhouse gases today, the amount of CO2 and other gases in the atmosphere will continue to cause global warming for another 100 years, that temperatures could rise an extra 6 degrees?   SinceRead more
I believe we are standing at the cusp of a new order, whereby the cost of looking for new resources from fields far away, could become so expensive that the digging for virgin raw materials for just a mobile phoneRead more
Hurrah you say Greenermobiles.Com has become a member of 10:10.  Yes, I have to say we are pretty proud to be a part of such a deeply committed organization.  We just had to join, if we wanted to make ourRead more
The less a company emits, the less they pay, that's How Cap & Trade works.  It's essentially emissions trading as a market-driven approach by providing an economic incentive to pollute less, and achieving reductions of any kind of pollutant associatedRead more
They are not the prettiest things are they?  Those of you who have seen a wireless network tower up close have to admit they are ugly.  And no one wants a mobile phone cell tower in their backyard, especially ifRead more
Japan is one of the bigger contributors to greenhouse gases in the world, but its committed desire to reduce this position has garnered lots of applause. As countries have been asked to declare their resolutions publicly, as what actions they’llRead more
Kiribati is predicted to become uninhabitable, a victim to global warming, as a result of coastal erosion and freshwater pollution by 2050.  More than 60% of Kiribati’s inhabitants are below the age of 30 and they may be the lastRead more
There is no end of mobile phone apps on the marketplace all saying that they will save your battery power for you.  Some are excellent and really do rein in any unnecessary energy consumption that your mobile might do.  TheRead more
The green green grass of home never seemed so beautiful, as it does now.  But mobile phones made from grass, is that even possible? So imagine next years green mobile phones will be made from the blades of the grass. Read more
The Glacier National Park is often referred to, as a significant part of the ‘Crown of the Continent Ecosystem’ it is a protected area that still retains almost all its original species of plants and animals.  Nearly 2 million touristsRead more
The United Kingdom is one of the fastest growing solar photovoltaic industries in Europe, possibly in the world, the recent sunny weather has only accelerated the interest in buying solar power.  And more solar power is coming to the UK,Read more
In an age of digital revolution, Humans are now even more dependent on their smartphones.  That little box has grown in recent years and has become an integral part of everyday life.  For many, it has become the main sourceRead more
Isn't it nice to go camping, that take off and go anywhere in the world feeling?  And now you can make it totally earth-friendly, and you can experience some wonderful views, living life with nature, camping is a door toRead more
Besides being a towering presence in the sky, the Alps, the crown of all Europe also play a significant role in determining the climate and culture of most of Europe.  The alpine region is home to nearly 14 million peopleRead more
Research and analysis show that many of these natural beauties will vanish in the near future owing to different man-made and natural calamities that cause environmental and ecological imbalance.  One such treasured place, on the verge of disappearance, is theRead more
A few years ago, I visited the Great Barrier Reef, and it was truly a wondrous event, it is indeed a unique eco-system, the world’s single largest structure.  Interestingly, for all its size it comprises of small living organisms calledRead more
Its little wonder that the sinking city of Venice is drowning.  The jewel of Italy, visit Venice and fall in love with her.  Sadly though, this 2,500-year-old city is under threat.  In its long history, Venice has seen many invadersRead more
The island nation of Tuvalu consists of just 9 islands of which Funafuti is the capital and to the naked eye, the islands look like thin ribbon-like strips in the vastness of the Pacific, however, for all its beauty, Tuvalu islandRead more