So are they a better aerial and why?  Well, you’ll be finding out soon as MediaG3 and Aerius are launching their revolutionary patented mobile antennas throughout the world.  Aerious is a US-based company produces high-performance mobile phone engineering and product design,Read more
Greenland is the world’s biggest island, a huge ice sheet.  Scientists, however, have found that the Greenland ice sheet is melting 3 times faster than they thought, in some places, it is more than 10,00 feet thick, and if it were toRead more
Today, there is a different kind of wall in society, one that separates us into two separate ecosystems.  On one side, a world that relies on old ways of production - processes that use and abuse the number of resourcesRead more
It's hard not to overstate the importance of trees in our lives, they are interesting characters on this planet that we share with them.  There is no end of interesting tree facts about them.  They debuted on the planet aboutRead more
Can you imagine what it would be like to cycle around the world on your bike,  surely its the stuff of dreams?  How would you sleep, eat, climb every mountain, face the long roads stretching out in front of you?Read more
Well, you can’t say that designers and manufacturers are not looking to solve the crisis of just how to make a truly green mobile phone?  To use fewer resources, less CO2, the hunt is on.  And maybe mobile phones madeRead more
This is an entry-level mobile phone with an environmentally friendly hear. Motorola has gone green in their production of the Citrus mobile phone, which is sweet, very sweet.  This small touchscreen smartphone sports the Android 2.1 operating system.  The displayRead more
To own a Motorola mobile phone in the early noughties, was a with a sense of pride, hushed whispers as people wanted to handle your Razr, they were it.  And then others came in a stole their style crown.  MobileRead more
Green mobile phones can be things of great beauty and Nokia kinetic powered mobile phone does us proud, it truly is beautiful.  This wonder was put together by creative designer Jeremy Innes-Hopkins whilst he was at while a student atRead more
Well, everything is getting the green design touch these days and headphones are just like any other piece of technology that needs to look at how they are designed. Joining their Greenheart range of environmentally friendly products, Sony Ericsson hasRead more
If you are going to have a mobile phone, then you have to consider the Motocubo A45 it’s got the most fab name.  I sometimes wonder if mobile phones could be a little more colourful and this little baby hasRead more
I have just seen the most amazing advert for a mobile phone ever, and all for a little known mobile phone called The new 'Touch Wood' mobile phone, by the Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo.  It is without doubt, ofRead more
I am sure you have heard of Sir Richard Branson, genius entrepreneur, and at the heart of his business empire is Virgin Atlantic.  A fleet of planes which fly across the world from a range of British airports, including Edinburgh,Read more
Just what will the mobiles be made of in 2020?  Could be anybody's guess, the mobile phone is moving at such a pace, who knows.  Glass, carbon fiber, metal, plastic or maybe a new material we've never heard of? TheseRead more