Over the last decade, Finland has become the epicenter of a cult for throwing your mobile phone as far as you can, otherwise known as the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships, for the Finns, mobile phone throwing is actually aRead more
Just imagine what it would be like if you could walk, talk and charge your mobile whilst walking up at the same time?  Sounds like science-fiction, well it’s not, its actually science fact, your body and its efforts are anRead more
Having been to a Glastonbury, finding power for my mobile phone, was the least of my worries; I spent 5 days trying to keep the rain out of my tent as well as trying to find a hot shower.  ButRead more
The LG Viper mobile phone is absolutely going in the right direction.  This is a stylish, earth-friendly device with a pocket-friendly price.  Powered using Android 2.3, it has a dual core, 1.2 GHz processor driving it all.  LG has madeRead more
There are many words to describe the Nokia E7 mobile phone, beautiful, innovative design, everything you need to stay in sync, a joy to use. And most important of all every aspect of this handset is friendly to the environment,Read more
The Nokia charger AC-11 is a reliable, eco-friendly travel charger, compact, energy-efficient travel charger that you can take anywhere?  With its best-in-class performance in delivering low power consumption in standby mode (just 10% of the power consumed in standby modeRead more
It has a host of features as a slider phone it weighs in at 103 Gms.  It’s also quad-band with a 3.2 megapixels camera and video with a 4 x digital zoom.  The X3 is a greener mobile than mostRead more
The Phillips Xenium is something very special, it sets a standard in eco-friendly mobile phones.  But let's travel back in time.  Phillips, throughout the 1970s, was known as the company that would give you cutting edge technology from tomorrow, todayRead more
Business mobile phones come and go, they are subject to fashion, just like anything else in the world. Mobiles get faster, more stylish, and whose to say they won’t get bigger too.  But if there’s one thing Samsung has introducedRead more
Samsung is just piling on the pressure and bringing into the marketplace, wave after wave of earth-friendly mobile phones.  It's no pun intended as I introduce the new Samsung's S8500 'The Wave', cute very cute, it comes with a 5Read more
This is the latest mobile phone from Samsung, the Intensity 2 eco-mobile, in a world of touch screens, the Intensity 2 comes with a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard.  It has a dedicated messaging key for super fast one-touch access.  AndRead more
There are so many things about this phone that make it so right, sadly it’s only a concept green mobile phone at present but who’s to say that it won’t make it into the mainstream. The Samsung Clover is designedRead more
This eco-friendly smartphone designed for Samsung is a bit like the chip in the Terminator, the one that caused all the radical thinking, took them in new ways of thinking.  Even its title its different, Unliquited eco-mobile? What does thatRead more
The Viber Burst - Where do people get these incredible ideas from?  And the best bit is you can do it in the most eco-friendly manner possible – using your own body motion!  Viber Burst has been designed by JoshRead more