Motorola has gone environmentally in their production of the Citrus mobile phone, which is sweet, very sweet. This small touchscreen smartphone sports the Android 2.1 operating system. The display allows you to fluid flick, swipe or pinch-to-zoom on this phone!

The body is 24% recycled and carbon-free, PVC and BFR free too. Our personal favorite, the packaging is 100% RECYCLED, well done Motorola. When you think how many mobiles are shipped each year then this is a good thing. And the user manual is made from 100% recycled paper and uses soy ink.

With a good sized 3 inch screen, on-screen QWERTY, it has seven home screen that you can tailor with your favourite shortcuts; apps; pre-loaded widgets such as sticky notes, messages, weather and calendar and it has a 3MP camera with digital zoom if you need it.

Full HTML Web browser it delivers a PC-like web browsing experience with quick access to Web apps and services such as Facebook; Google services such as Gmail, Google Talk and YouTube

And this is new it comes with BACKTRACK, a kind of touch panel on the back of the mobile that you can use to scroll through websites, e-mails, music and more without obstructing the display. This is an entry-level mobile phone with an eco-bent.