Motorolas eco-mobile phone, the Grasp might just do it

Motorola WX404 eco friendly mobile

To own a Motorola mobile phone in the early noughties, was a with a sense of pride, hushed whispers as people wanted to handle your Razr, they were it.  And then others came in a stole their style crown.  Mobile phone design is big business, get it right and the market will follow.  Get it wrong.  However, they may have climbed back into the ring with this design, Motorola’s eco-mobile phone the GRASP (WX404).

Well, Motorola may have come back from the dead as regards this new environmentally designed mobile phone.  They have floundered in recent years with mobile phone design and have found themselves at the bottom of everyone’s choice in handset since the all wonderful V7 range of phones.

Motorola has been around since 1928, in fact, they are the oldest communication companies in the world, and they have always been on the pioneering edge of communication.  Guess who was the first company to give you a car radio?  Yes, and what about Walkie Talkies?  Yes, and what about the radio packs that soldiers wore in WWII.  Pagers, yes that was them.  And of course, it was Motorola, that made the first phone call in 1973, thank you, Martin Cooper.  So this is a pedigree mobile phone company and again, they have come up with something inspired. 

Martin Cooper of Motorola made the first mobile phone call on a prototype DynaTAC 

This is the newest mobile phone device (the Motorola GRASP WX404) to give back to the environment, featuring ‘eco design elements’, its design puts the company firmly back on the map.  It has a full QWERTY keyboard with a 2.2-inch display, full social media integration, GPS and a USB port, MP3 music player and 8GB of memory as standard and weighs in at 105 grams.  And it doesn’t contain harmful substances such as BFR and PCV and its housing is 100% recyclable at end of life.  So if you’re looking to go green in your communication, the Motorola Grasp (WX404) this could be the eco-friendly business mobile phone to do it with.