More storage for your iPhone – iSafe Drive Lite

iSafe Drive Lite

Nobody out there ever has an iPhone with enough storage available to keep all those family photos, files, videos and other saved documents on it.  We are always on the lookout for more storage for your smartphone.  For those who have just the 16GB storage space in their mobile phones, what can you do?

Well, help is at hand.  Now there is the iSafe Drive Lite to give you an extra 32GB or 64GB as required.  It’s a bit like a USB data stick similar to the one we used to place into our PC or MacBook desktop computers.  It holds extra storage and doesn’t bloat out your smartphone with all that extra baggage.

IBasically the iSafe Drive Lite plugs into your device and acts as an extended memory card, storing useful information and as much as 32GB or 64GB as required.  The moment you unplug the iSafe drive, you no longer have all the saved phones on your device.  And should you ever need them back in a jiffy, simply plug the iSafe drive right back in.

Memory cards and memory sticks often have to be inserted in the back of the device and taking the extra data storage card in and out can be a bit of a pain.  So the iSafe Drive Lite lets you plug into the side of your smartphone and disconnection becomes as easy as when you charge and take off charge your charging point cable adapter.

It’s small and some might say tiny – especially considering it packs a whopping 32GB or 64GB of data on it.  You won’t have to bother about storing stuff on the cloud any longer and you can easily slip this drive straight into your top pocket.

The drive is for the iPhone mobile phone and iPad only and it will transfer files and data very quickly between any iOS device at a rate of 8MB every second – and that’s fast!  All data is kept private, so if you are transferring files and looking at data over the local coffee shop’s Wi-Fi connection, be safe in the knowledge you have a 256-bit encryption thing going on here.

MFI-certified, an ultra-high-speed drive to safely store 32GB of data

All in all, it means you can watch movies or streaming video without the need for your phone to do all the storage usage work within its drivers – the drive takes care of everything.  And to think, all you need do is to download the app from the iTunes Apple Store and you are off and running!