Mobile phones made from Bamboo

Mobile phones made from Bamboo

Well, you can’t say that designers and manufacturers are not looking to solve the crisis of just how to make a truly green mobile phone? To use fewer resources, less CO2, the hunt is on.

One resourceful manufacturer has come up with the idea of a handset made from bamboo.  Yes, it’s true, bamboo has all the strength and durability of its plastic counterpart.  Plus bamboo naturally grows so quickly that its use and impact on the ecology is excellent.

So just how would this design work?  At the end of the life of the mobile phone, the battery, antenna and circuit board would be removed.  Which would leave just the bamboo case, inside of which are some bamboo seeds once placed in the dirt, after only a few months the bamboo seeds will take root and bingo, a new bamboo tree thus compensating for the production process of the hard case for the phone?

Bamboo has been known to grow up to 2 feet a day, and unlike hardwood trees when bamboo is harvested, you don’t need to replant because of its roots system, bamboo grows back really quickly.  So it not only means this really is a greener mobile but you will have a really low carbon footprint.

It’s likely then that you’ll have a really unique one of kind design every time and every Panda would love you for that.