Mobile phones made from grass

mobile phones made from grass

The green green grass of home never seemed so beautiful, as it does now.  But mobile phones made from grass, is that even possible?

So imagine next years green mobile phones will be made from the blades of the grass.  Yes the same green grass you see in the tennis court or at your local park!   We see grass all around us, and this is going to be the major component of this phone.  It does take some getting used to as to that idea.  OK, run with the idea, make the magic happen.

These phones will definitely allow you to make carbon-free business mobile phone calls.  It kind of makes sense to use grass as it is so widely available all around us.  It will be the first mobile phone made entirely of recycled as well as natural products.  The actual case will be made a kind of recycled resin and specially treated grass clippings.

Well, the manufacturing process of this innovative phone takes place in three distinct phases: the freeze-drying, followed by pulping process, and then theirs the moulding of the grass into the required template.  The designer for the phone Sean Miles bakes the recycled resin for 24 hours to create what is essentially a smooth eco-friendly case for your pride and joy.  He was commissioned to create the phone by the network O2 Recycle division, to create a 100% percent natural grass mobile phone.  And it’s possible.   So they are now looking to see if they can make the phone on a mass scale.  So there you have it a completely automatically biodegradable, that comes in one colour.

A fully functioning mobile phone made from Grass cut from Twickenham Stadium

The idea by the Design Works is amazing and I am sure, many of us actually want to see such a phone in reality.  I guess the best thing to do is not leave it though in a field, just in case the cows get to it.