Mobile phones charged up as you work out

CO2 free mobiles

Normally when I go to the Gym, as I get ready to bench press 180 lbs, I would plug my mobile into the wall socket and that’s how I think most people do it with their mobile phones charged up as you work out.

Imagine truly free of CO2 mobile phones!  Well, it’s not so science fiction and more science fact.  It’s small wonder the batteries have to be recharged as much as our own bodies.  Recharging has become an inconvenience to those who go off away on vacation to a festival or a camping adventure, where no plug sockets exist.  It means we cannot use our phones to their full capacity in the fear we will run out of juice before reaching that mountaintop and taking that selfie high up on the summit.

Yet again MIT researchers have developed a new electrochemical method that harvests energy from everyday motions.  Research is going strong in the world of smartphone batteries and now they have come up with an idea that could charge the battery on your smartphone as you work out, walk, jog, run or use any source of energy.

The plan would work something like this: Imagine taking a coach trip to a small mountain and charge your smartphone up to its 100 percent mark.  Then the 100-mile journey by coach sees the phone dip to around 60 percent as you use it throughout the long and boring journey.  You now have a long climb and hike up the mountain once you reach that destination but you fear your phone will drain by the time you reach the summit.

At this stage, you will most likely turn off the mobile phone and hope to save enough power for taking those great shots once up on the summit.  But that also means you have no way of making or receiving calls as you ascend.  So, enter the technology that takes two sheets of lithium alloy and uses them as an electrode, and you suddenly have a battery that can be gain energy from your own bodily movements.

The human body, at rest, produces around 100 watts of power

It means you could leave your phone on at the foothill of the mountain at its 60 percent charge, and by the time you reach the summit, the phone could be as much as 95 percent charged up.  Although this system has some way to go before reaching our electrical stores, the technology is now in place to get this ready in the next few years.  In other words, as long as you are not leading a sedentary lifestyle and are on the move physically regardless of what and where you may be doing it, your battery may charge up the entire time.