Mobile phone screens LCD Vs OLED

OLED vs LCD screens which is the best screen

It’s that old story again about mobile phone screens, which is better  – LCD Vs OLED?

Well, it depends.  How do you like your pictures on your screen?  Do you really want the most detail, the brightest image, so much so that nature comes alive on your screen, like the picture above?

If you’re going eco-friendly with your mobile phone, you can benefit from the technology of an OLED display, because each pixel can be switched off leaving the true deep black to be unaffected by that backlight spray. And because OLED technology has the ability to turn off each pixel, it saves power and our environmentally friendly mobile phones can benefit from not making as many trips to the charging station all the time.  It may only be a tiny bit of saving, but every little bit helps.

Green communication can really benefit from OLED technology as it is a flat light emitter, which is manifested by putting a series of organic thin layers in the middle of two conductors.  It all sounds very much like eco-friendly mobile phones are the way of the future and this may well sound like an advanced physics or science lesson but the technology is simple, brilliant and leaves a much tinier carbon footprint all around.

All that happens is when an electrical current is applied, you see a bright light emit from the diode.  It makes for a better display and an improved lighting source.  Again, there is no need for any backlight because the display is thinner and far more efficient.

The LCD display on a mobile phone requires a white back-light.  But the advantages of OLED technology don’t just stop there: power consumption of OLED technology is much lower than LCD displays, and that spells for planet-friendly mobile phones for all if manufacturers start to adopt the OLED technology over the LCD displays.

How are they different? In a nutshell.

OLED displays also have a much quicker refresh rate and the contrast is better, making it easier on the eye.  You may have seen on these technology documentaries on television about the flexible display, stuff that just doesn’t seem to market yet – well, OLED technology can embrace this – imagine it.  You can have a rolled up, flexible or transparent screen which opens up to a clear, bright and legible image.

This truly is excitement in display technology and greener mobiles should adopt this new technology for the carbon-free mobile phone experience.  OLED technology is so adaptable that also works within a much wider range of temperature than the LCD displays.