Mobile phone apps to save your battery power

Mobile phone needs a battery app to extend life

There is no end of mobile phone apps on the marketplace all saying that they will save your battery power for you.  Some are excellent and really do rein in any unnecessary energy consumption that your mobile might do.  The idea behind them is that they make your smartphone think about its processes and how it performs so that your charge lasts longer.  Some are not worth the bother, or the savings are so minimal that they don’t warrant installing.  Some Apps cost money and some don’t.  However, some Apps really do what they say on the tin, and we chose the best ones for you.

Battery Extender Lite: looks to extend the standby time on your smartphone, by up to 30%.  Tapping into the settings on your mobile, you can add an extra days charge to your mobile from 3 days to 4 days.  Smartphone’s are fab but they do go through battery power.  Over a year it means you will charge you’re mobile 31 times less, hurrah.

101 Green Tips App: Looks to help you with green tips on how to reduce your impact on the planet as well as saving you a bunch of money, it’s designed to make every aspect of your life a little greener.  With such tips as, reminders to switch off your lights, turn the thermostat down, ways to insulate your home, or reminding you to switch off your appliances, etc.

A Real Tree: the clue is in the title; you can purchase this app for .50p when you do, a tree will be planted in anywhere of 12 countries typically they will be countries in tropical areas who are in the midst of trying to fight deforestation.  The great thing is that you get a ‘virtual tree’ as a badge that you can put on your Facebook page.

Carbon Tracker: Helps you track your movements via your inbuilt GPS system on your mobile, it helps you understand how you are generating your carbon footprint but it can set your goals every month so that you can reduce the amount you waste.

See what’s sucking the most juice

And my personal favorite. Green Me, if you’re into writing out lists because it helps you to focus, then this app is for you.  It displays a calendar which asks you to do list five green things to do that day.  It’s really helpful, as the more things you do; the darker the green color on the application goes. We like.