Green mobile phones can be things of great beauty and Nokia’s new ‘Kinetic’ phone does us proud. Designed by Jeremy Innes-Hopkins as a concept mobile phone for the Finnish manufacturer. It’s the Bang & Olufson of mobile phones. And here’s how it works, when you receive a call, the phone gradually rises up to the prone position. And if you don’t want to take the call – just tap the phone and it will lower itself down.

And how does it do this, well it’s a classic touchscreen candy bar design but its uses kinetic energy to charge itself. It has an electromagnet built in the base of it so that when it’s laid on the table when a call or text comes in this activates the magnet; making the phone rise this movement also charges the battery!
I’m not sure I’d want this thing going off anywhere else on my person, but on your desk in the office how cool!