Joseph Ascencao and the greenest mobile phone ever

joseph ascencao attempts to cycle around the world

Can you imagine what it would be like to cycle around the world on your bike,  surely its the stuff of dreams?  How would you sleep, eat, climb every mountain, face the long roads stretching out in front of you? And most importantly, how would you charge your mobile phone? 

You need electricity, yes? Well, these are just some of the questions that Joseph Ascencao must have asked himself when preparing to do such a trip.  Spending 9 months in the making, Joseph is looking to cover some 57,000 miles on circumnavigating the globe on his two-wheel steed and he will be using solar panels on his bike to charge his mobile phone and iPod along the way.

Crossing every continent (except Antarctica), his journey started out from Rhode Island (USA) and he was last seen heading towards Texas and then he’s off to Brazil.  Somewhere in that journeys, he’s looking to cycle through Afghanistan and China and all along the way, he’ll be promoting the concepts of greener travel and renewable energy sources.  We wish him every success in trying and not too many flat tires.

So if you fancy following Joseph Ascencao cycling around the world and his adventures then you can do so thanks to his green mobile phone powered by the sun on Facebook, and he’ll be filming most of it using a camera installed in his cycle helmet. Go, Jo.