India planted 50,000,00 trees in one day

India 50,000,000 trees planted in one day

Last summer, I planted some 32 trees in my garden, but that is nothing in comparison to what the citizens of Uttar Pradesh India’s most populous state did.  In early July 2016, state officials distributed millions of saplings to various points around this huge state, in an effort to plant 50 million trees in a single day.  This mass planting was commissioned in an attempt to increase the amount of forest and trees in the country.

The previous record – for planting the largest amount of trees in one day – was held in neighboring Pakistan, where in just one day just over 847,000 saplings were rooted.  India’s state officials in Lucknow wanted it’s a name to get into the Guinness Book of World Records by absolutely smashing the record set previously.

Pakistan has held the record for over three years and now that record has been all but blown out of the ground as Uttar Pradesh officials organized thousands of people to take part in the planting effort.  There were close to a million people taking part which included students, police officials, government workers, housekeepers, nurses, tradesmen, and general volunteers mostly picked from not-for-profit organizations.

Together the tree planters would plant the saplings on the side of a designated road, railway embankment, country highways, forest glades, and open fields.  Elected officials from the state, said that the planting of 50 million trees would raise awareness, harness enthusiasm and fight against deforestation.

The idea was designed to encourage the people of Uttar Pradesh state to start thinking more about the conservation of the environment.  Officials in the city of Kanauji, 150 miles south-west of the state capital Lucknow, realized that serious effort and work is needed now, to reduce carbon emissions, slow down the effects of emitting carbons and think more diligently about the effect of global climate change.

The Indian government has set aside over $6 billion for tree planting in the country, all 29 states of India will be encouraged to take part in similar tree planting exercises.  Indeed, some of the states may even end up breaking the world record over and over again.

There are approximately 3.04 trillion trees on the planet today

The progress of the saplings is expected to be monitored by officials using aerial photography.  Unfortunately, its thought that only 60 percent of all the saplings will thrive long enough to survive to become a tree.  Some 40 percent of the saplings will die from disease or lack of water, but the heart of the idea will live on. The environmental message is clear and long may it last.