Imagine a sort of powered up muscle bound supercharged battery capsule for your smartphone? Just pop it in and you’re off, what was once dead, your mobile phone is once again ready for action. Surely, you are having a laugh?

Well, one such Chinese mobile phone designer Tsung Chih-Hsien didn’t think it was so funny, running out of power. So he came up with a brilliantly novel idea to keep your smartphone powered up for just that little bit longer.

The idea is so smart, that Chih-Hsien’s team won a Red Dot Design Award for it. ‘The Mini Power’, as it is so called, is an external portable battery and it can boost up the power on your smartphone for potentially a further six hours.
Here’s how they work. The Mini Power capsule is a tiny cardboard biodegradable device that is pre-charged up with a two-hour, four-hour or six-hour super boost. When your mobile smartphone goes into flat battery mode, you simply charge up by plugging in the Mini Power into your charging socket, at the bottom of your phone.

Disposable batteries are not a new idea, but typically they come dressed in all sorts of cardboard and plastic and a sea of wrap around advertising.

Tsung Chih-Hsien and his team have created some elegant, practical, something we need, their good design sense has stripped away many of the usual trappings of advertising, the battery doesn’t need any fancy design or wrapping on the cover.

The best thing about the Mini Power is that it’s made from a biodegradable design, its designers created in this way so that the Mini Power can be made available in convenience stores and supermarkets, just as easily as one might buy a top-up card or an iTunes gift card or similar.

As they could even be sold off in bulk, much like a continuous sheet where you can pluck one off each time you need it. This low-key design, adds to the products reduction of your carbon footprint as there would be no actual packaging if sold in this format.

A night out, off to a festival, a football game, and your mobile battery runs out and there’s not a wall socket help you charge your mobile phone. The Mini-Power may well just be the thing for you to give you that little boost.