Imagine a mobile phone that runs on air

Scientists are always trying to find new ways to power our mobile phones.  Solar, tidal, foot power and many other ideas, in fact, imagine a mobile phone that runs on air.  Our wearables, smartphones, and tablets all run the most sophisticated computing features and the more they do, the more battery power is needed to consume.  Sometimes it feels as though you are driving a Ferrari with the brakes partly locked on.  But what if you could create a gadget, or a computer, with the battery not included?

It’s true you would have to generate power from another source but what if that provider was just pure thin air?  It is well worth considering because battery technology, even for environmentally friendly smart business phones, is showing no sign of improvement or being able to cope with the power of the green business communication model.

As devices become more and more powerful and the apps we use demand greater power, the demands on the struggling battery are at breaking point.

The Sensory Laboratory, based at Washington University, has become the first team to create a computer that a wireless identification and sensor platform chip that has no need for a battery or power source for it to work.

Instead, it actually sucks in thin air and collects radio waves emitted from a bog-standard RFID reader.  These are the same barriers that go “blip” when you walk out of a supermarket with an item you haven’t paid for.  The technology is practically the same, only in this instance the converted thin air which can then go forward and create the power to your computer.

At present, this new technology is not supposed to act as a replacement for the chips used in your smartphone or tablet.  At present, the clock speed of the processor is probably about the same as the one inside your fitness tracking wearable smartwatch.

On average, we inhale 16kg of air in one day

A CO2 mobile phone that runs on air could soon become a real boost in the future if this technology could be adapted for smartphones; of course, eco-friendly business mobile phones will make a massive impact on our efforts to save the planet and keep planet friendly mobile phones at the top of the list of things we should be paying attention to.