A smartphone is a very precious commodity in our daily lives, ever since they burst onto the market in 2007 with that magical iPhone and the Blackberry model too. We use them for so many things such as checking the latest cricket or tennis scores, monitoring our fitness levels, taking photographs or video, using the alarm, listening to music and they also make phone calls too would you believe?

The fact is we ask a lot of our smartphone battery and its small wonder they run out of juice on a seemingly daily basis. So what can you do to make your smartphone last a little longer between charges and get it to run for a long life without having to rush to a power point and plug it in all the time?

To start with you can reduce the adaptive brightness levels low on your screen. A bright backlight runs the phone down very quickly. If you are reading or using your smartphone in bed at night you will not need a bright beaming backlight, just a dim trail of light to see the words or images will be sufficient. Moreover, you will get a better night’s sleep if you have a low-level backlight in operation.

Keeping your location and using Wi-Fi open connections drains the battery too. If you are not using network connections (this includes making calls and sending texts) then turn them off. These services and features need only be on if you are actually accessing an internet connection or an app needing a network.

It is very easy to find out which apps or services are draining the battery. Look into your Battery Settings and it will show you how much percentage a certain feature is utilizing on your smartphone.

You will be astonished how social media apps like Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Tinder actually drain if you are one of those who stays constantly logged in. Also, turn down the volume on your phone as this drives up battery usage, the louder the more juice used.