Greenermobiles becomes a 10:10 member

1010 climate action

Hurrah you say Greenermobiles.Com has become a member of 10:10.  Yes, I have to say we are pretty proud to be a part of such a deeply committed organization.  We just had to join, if we wanted to make our green mobile phones are real offering in the marketplace then we had to be a part of this.  The 10:10 initiative is an independent campaign to engage all sectors of UK society and business in reducing carbon emissions by 10%.

This is in line with climate scientists’ calculations of the emissions reduction needed in the next 18 months to prevent runaway climate change.  The campaign is the brainchild of the team behind the blockbuster climate awareness film “The Age of Stupid”.

Why join 10:10 in their own words:

10:10 is all about the positive, practical stuff.  We take a collective approach that

turns individual actions at a local level into a force for bigger changes.


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