Greener smartphones is the way to go

Greener smartphones is not about their color, it’s about their environmental friendliness.  Humans have been creating and inventing since their beginning on this planet.  Fire, electricity, cars, nuclear power, space travel and more to come.  Yet, in achieving all these great technologies, our efforts may lose us our planet.

Over the past 200 years, mankind’s inventions have been wondrous, but the manufacture of our inventions mean we’ve been generating CO2 as a waste exhaust and pumping it into the Earth’s atmosphere.  For the previous 10,000 years before the start of the industrial revolution, the atmospheric abundance of CO2 has been a constant 280 ppm (per parts millions).  The global concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere today is now over 400 PPM.

And so it is with the mobile phone, it’s not as innocent as it might first appear.  With each tap or search term on your mobile phone, it lets you perform a number of personal or business tasks.  But, have you ever wondered what that ‘tap’ costs to our planet?  With just over 7 billion mobile phones on the planet, that’s a lot of taps going on.

You might never have realized that whilst you making that call or chasing the internet, playing games, strolling through social media sites or, indeed any one of countless tasks performed on a mobile phone means that you are actually producing more carbon dioxide and pumping it into the atmosphere alongside that of factories, cars, power stations etc.  Each tap takes us towards a warmer world.

The mobile phone is one of our most relied upon pieces of technology that we use to run our lives and our businesses.  And business is thriving, thanks to the mobile phone.  They can cut your workload ten-fold. Mobiles are an incredible business tool.  Brilliant touch points for companies to reach out and deliver their business.  Make the call, text, use the internet, order stock, check out a CV, make conference calls, all functions of the mobile phone have become central to a business.

There’s no point in having a well-run business if in return it damages your planet.  Use your business mobile phone in an environmentally friendly way; in a manner that will neither damage the atmosphere or hinder the progress of your business.  That’s the way to go. Carbon-free business mobile calls ensure that the air around us is not intoxicated any further.  Make your call, but make it CO2 free.

Why do we need greener smartphones – CO2 levels have seen the planet warm by nearly 2 degrees

As a species, we haven’t been around as long as the dinosaur, but whilst we are here, this is a chance for you to use the power of your business to maintain the beauty and wonder of our planet.  By choosing greener CO2 smartphones or devices, it means your working towards a greener and cleaner earth and proving your love for our planet.