Green Web Hosting

sustainable web hosting for all

Websites are windows to our business.  It’s likely to be the first thing that a customer will see and understand what your business can offer them.  And we dress them to impress them!  

But amongst all that finery, it’s easy to forget that a website has a high carbon dioxide (CO2) producing footprint.  Here are a few tips to green your website:  Have a look at the code, the graphics, and aminations; websites that are slow, don’t help.  Equally, how you host them is vitally important.

At, we like life environmentally friendly and it’s not hard to change.  Just like ours, at the heart of our business is our website working 24 hours a day and we have trusted it to a server that uses clean energy to present our company at its best.


Hosting a website typically consumes lots of power, as it must be kept cool at all times.  We reduce your carbon footprint by not using fossil fuels to produce electricity to cool it.  Our data centre servers are located in Iceland and are powered by both geothermal & hydro electrical energy. 

Their geographical location allows the centre to be a completely 100% carbon free environment.  It’s the real deal, thus reducing your company’s carbon footprint and saying no to climate change.  We also understand your need for outstanding service and we are 110% committed to our clients’ service standards.  We more than understand that your website has to be cost-effective.


  • Secure offsite Eco-backup
  • Cloud-hosted domain & DNS
  • An Eco-friendly cloud hosted rock-solid platform
  • 100% green, business-grade mail service

Our environmental responsibility is just a natural part of doing business right.  Saving the planet for the next generation sounds like a good idea to us.  If you want to know more about how to improve your website and cut down your CO2, we’re here to help you.


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