Green power wellies for your mobile phone

wellington-boots at festivals

Having been to a Glastonbury, finding power for my mobile phone, was the least of my worries; I spent 5 days trying to keep the rain out of my tent as well as trying to find a hot shower.  But having said that one of the biggest problems with festivals is keeping in touch with your pals and where they are amidst the crowds.  As phone batteries don’t last that long, you have to be either very organized or switch off your mobile and conserve power as there’s nowhere to charge it, aaaahhhhhh.  That’s where green power wellies come into their own.

Well, that’s not a problem anymore you can now truly make your mobile green, get your self off to the village shop and put in an order for these.  Imagine being able to charge you’re mobile up, by wearing just a pair of green power wellies?  It sounds mad at first, but it makes perfect sense.  Well thanks to Orange, they have come up with a pair of rubber boots that turn walking into a power source/electricity for your mobile.  How eco is that.  After all that walking around in these wellies, you can power up in the middle of a field or waiting in the queue to see the Verve.  A dead battery is a no longer problem, with these rubber wonders.

Orange Power Wellies, a truly brilliant idea

How do they do it; well the heat is collected in the power generating shoe and converted into electricity.  You simply plug the phone into the wellies power output – inside the sole are thermoelectric modules which are between two thin ceramic wafers, as the foot pushes from one side and the cold earth from the other, thanks to the ‘Seebeck Effect’, electricity is generated and you can make a call…

Twelve hours of stomping around give you one hour of charge, and you’ll have dry feet as well.  And with one hour charge that should be enough to help you find your friends…