Germany & Portugal went ‘totally green’ for a day

Germany and Portugal can survive on renewable energies

Imagine, everyone’s mobile phone in Germany and Portugal went CO2 free or a day!  Actually, the truth is the figure hit 90 percent for a brief moment in time one Sunday morning in May 2016 – but that said, it is expected to see that 90 percent marker hit again and again as Germany gets into the green way of energy provision.

Germany has set itself some ambitious targets, considering the sheer scale of energy required by the entire country is just over 58 gigawatts.  But on a Sunday morning, the total output from hydropower (water), solar (sun) and turbo (wind) power and other “green” power sources reached a staggering 55 gigawatts.

So what’s so fascinating about this story?  Well, Germany happens to the world’s fourth-largest economy.  Its gross domestic production often runs into figures just shy of $4 trillion.

There is no other country in the economic powerhouse continent of Europe that could match that kind of figure, not even the booming economy of the United Kingdom.  The figure even surpasses the state of Texas, which alone is the world’s sixth largest economy.

Renewable energy has certainly done no harm to the economy of Germany, in fact, it has grown in tandem with more wind farms and hydroelectric plants spring up. Germany has been producing renewable energy since the early 1990s.  Its GDP per capita has grown year on year as the green energy continually expands across the nation.

One would never have thought Germany would be a world leader in producing solar energy.  Drive around the cities of Dusseldorf, Munich, Cologne, Eindhoven or Berlin and you’ll see solar paneling just about everywhere.  It is even outdoing the United States in the amount of solar power being generated – and the U.S. has a population four times that of Germany’s.

It is also worth noting that Germany is not exactly the sunniest country in the world.  The state of Alaska receives about the same amount of sun as Germany does annually.  What is also so impressive about Germany’s renewable energy production is that one-third of the renewables comes from individuals rather businesses, ministerial or civil departments.

Portugal has also reached an environmental milestone and can boast of something even more spectacular.  During four days of that very same month, the Iberian country actually produced 100 percent of its power from renewable energy.

Germany to cut emissions by 95% by 2050

In fact, the entire country ran for four days without the need for burning any fossil fuels.  It’s possible, it really is possible, renewables like wind and solar and a bunch of other methods for raising power, we might just turn this CO2 situation around.