German cycle power to charge your mobile

starkeUSB-green electric bike

I do like a cycle ride, I have a bunch of bikes in my back garden and when I am not riding them, there’s nothing quite like tinkering with all the parts to make it go faster, to stop better.  But one thing that bikes have never got quite right, is to keep with how to power all the new gadgets we have in our pockets our backpacks. 

Just imagine the benefit of being able to cycle a few miles and if I could just a device or two as I go along.  I bet a few of us have had that thought, all that power going to waste!  Well thanks to German cycle power to charge your mobile, you actually can do that.  Silverback, a well-known bicycle designer and build company in Germany, have pushed bicycle design just that little bit harder and a with little more technology thrown in. 

They have taken the principle of cycling to work and made it a really green option with their new range of bikes, the Silverback Starke 1 bicycle, a 9-speed commuter bike with a USB charging port and headlight.  At the heart of their two-wheeled design is dynamo technology which provides power to them…

AND GET THIS… built into the bikes head tube frame is a USB port for you to plug your mobile phone, smartphone, iPad, Samsung, whatever device into your bicycle for that hub powered ride to charge it up as you ride along.

It’s certainly a distinctive bike with a very charismatic look, it doesn’t have the usual downtube of normal bikes, it almost a kind of minimalist design, with the simplest of aesthetics, at the same time as being sporty, tough with a timeless practicality about it.

Fancy something really stylish on a nickel alloy frame, weighing in at just 30lbs, then maybe one of these babies is the answer to powering up any low voltage devices that you take into work with you that you didn’t plug in the night before.  Dead mobile mobiles and stuff may be a thing of the past, because of this ingenious idea, how simple is that?

The Silverback Starke 1 bicycle, is a 9-speed bike with a USB charging port and headlight

So when you think the average cycle ride is about 4 miles, there seems plenty of reasons that getting on your bike and you’ll be charging up your smartphone makes every sense.  With every push of the pedals powering up your mobile phone whilst on your way to work?