When mobile phones first came out, they were in the candy bar shape, with a battery that you could take out yourself and replace easily, thank you, and these batteries would last for hours.

Smartphones were a little bigger, there is so much more too them, so the battery needed to be bigger. But it is a conundrum, Smartphones are brilliant, they take mobile phones to the next level, so we use them, they run out of power, we need more power, we charge them up, they run out of power .and so it goes on.

The early days of mobiles the only thing you could do was make a call and send a text or two. But with the advent of the smartphone, they can do so much more. And because you can do so much with them, they are more inclined to chew through their batteries. And if you’re anything like me and talk on your phone a lot, how quickly does that battery on your smartphone diminish?

Well, here’s a handy piece of kit to help you out, it’s the Eton Mobious and it’s beefed up with a monocrystal solar panel and a 1800mAh battery. All this in a neat pocket-friendly size, what’s more, it doubles the iPhone 4’s battery life and lets it run for almost 20 minutes extra per hour of direct exposure to sunlight.

So, with the help of this little battery and, the sunshine, it offers a slim form factor adding just 20 mm depth to your iPhone. Just in case there’s not enough sun, you can also charge it using a USB port. And all the ports and buttons are easily accessible.